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What are the security implications of Elon Musk’s Neuralink?

by ethhack

In every project he starts, Elon Musk looks to push the technology world in ways other people thought were only possible in science fiction. Take his car company, Tesla, which has made electric vehicle manufacturing a reality. The same is true for SpaceX, his rocket company that aims to bring space travel to the masses.

Then you have Neuralink, a conceptual product that operates on a smaller scale than Tesla or SpaceX but could have just as much of an impact. Musk believes that in the near future, a computer chip could be installed in a human brain and then communicate with other devices over a wireless frequency.

Before you run screaming away from your computer, read on about how Neuralink would theoretically work and think about the various security implications that must be overcome by developers before mind-controlled technology can be rolled out.

Use case for Neuralink

The Neuralink project is still very much in the conceptual stage, although Musk believes that technology won’t be a blocker for long. With his system, a specially-trained sewing robot would actually drill a hole into a person’s head and implant the Neuralink chip into their skull, connecting to the brain with a thousand small wires.

This type of advancement in brain-computer interfaces would mean that people could interact directly with devices using their thoughts instead of a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. The average person might find this creepy or unnecessary, but for those afflicted with brain disorders or illnesses, adaptive technology like this could mean a chance at a more normal life.

For example, consider a stroke victim who has lost the ability to formulate words in a coherent pattern. In theory they could undergo the Neuralink surgery and then be able to speak via thoughts as they are transmitted over a wireless connection to a computer or smartphone.

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