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How to evaluate a CASB

by ethhack

Evaluating cloud access security broker (CASB) products can be a challenge. Although they all share core functionality, each has its own unique overall feature mix. Understanding those features and how they work will make it easier to know which ones should be on your short list.

What follows is an explanation of the core functions CASBs share and the other features you might find. This will help you decide what your expectations should be and understand the issues involved in making your purchase decision.  

Core CASB services

If you have a mixture of cloud and on-premises equipment, a CASB is certainly in your future. The sooner you deploy one the better. The following three basic services that all CASBs offer are at the core of what CASBs do and why you would buy one: 

Monitor and control your most sensitive data flows. CASBs were originally designed to stem the tide of shadow IT products and to control and make software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications more secure. Now they have broadened their use and can fit into a variety of situations, including operating across multiple cloud providers and mixing SaaS, mobile and on-premises applications, too.

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