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16 top endpoint protection platforms

by ethhack

Endpoint security has long been an important part of cybersecurity within any enterprise’s overall security architecture, particularly to provide protection for remote devices that connect to an enterprise network. When laptops, smartphones, or desktop computers connect to a network, they establish network nodes and create points of vulnerability. Endpoint security might also be used with on-premises desktops to act as an additional layer of security or as a last line of defense designed to catch whatever threats slip through other network protections.

Improving network security technologies like next-generation firewalls and zero-trust models have diminished the role of standalone endpoint protection tools in recent years. However, the importance of endpoint security has risen with the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. With organizations of all types embracing telework, the number of endpoints suddenly connecting remotely to core networks has grown by millions. Cybercriminals have taken notice and are targeting these new endpoints as a potential bridge into enterprise networks.

Good endpoint security should be centrally managed and able to exist alongside other network protections. It should shield endpoint devices with advanced security features such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, dynamic threat identification, automation and other technologies.

The following are 16 of the top endpoint protection platforms available today and the features that they offer.

1. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

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