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Quantum Society: Utilizing Web3 to Mentally and Financially Empower Communities

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WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2022 / The digital age gave rise to several remarkable inventions such as social media, the internet, and Web3. More importantly, these innovations have made it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their goals. But while the technology is readily available, many still struggle with becoming successful. Cognizant of this, the inspiring team behind Quantum Society has created a system to help these hopeful individuals thrive.

The team comes from an e-commerce background. CEO Alex Wagner is the majority shareholder of First Gen Industries, a full-service e-commerce agency which scaled over 100 e-commerce stores in 2021.

The recent technological advancements in Blockchain have inspired the team to create Quantum Society, the world’s first learn-to-earn ecosystem.

“We’re creating a system where humans don’t need to worry about not succeeding because everything is rigged for them to find what they’re good at, develop themselves and succeed. That’s real empowerment, and that’s what we’re building,” said CEO Alex Wagner.

The groundbreaking platform’s mission is to create an ecosystem that rewards people for learning information that mentally and financially empowers them. The impressive enterprise provides crucial resources such as paid skill scholarships that teach students A to Z how to build Shopify dropshipping stores, market services, and earn in Web3. In addition, it equips these individuals with the right frame of mind with a strong backbone of coaching on how to utilize your unlimited mind to reach bigger goals faster. The training is inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Ed Mylett, and one of Alex Wagner’s mentors – Bob Proctor.

Quantum Society’s team, resources & guidance are readily accessible to community members. Coaching, events, Skill Scholarships and Reverse Tuition, and other Learn to Earn (L2E) elements empower all community members to scale their knowledge and success.

Moving forward, the enterprise is committed to pushing the boundaries for blockchain technologies by prioritizing education, knowledge, and, most importantly – mental and financial empowerment.

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