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Pocket Network Launches Upgrade to its Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure Portal for Developers

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Pocket Network, the top decentralized Web3 infrastructure protocol, is rolling out a major update to its Pocket Portal service, Bankless Times learned from an exclusive press release.

Designed to onboard developers to tap into Pocket Network’s global, decentralized network of RPC nodes, the Pocket Portal enables Web3 developers to easily create accounts, mint RPC endpoints for their dApps, and access blockchain data across any of Pocket’s dozens of supported blockchains.

Updated, attractive service plans

The newly updated Pocket Portal service plans include an Always Free tier, a Pay As You Go (PAYG) tier, and custom Enterprise options.

The Always Free tier provides developers with up to 250,000 daily data relays for their dApps. If a dApp’s traffic demands exceed that, developers can now opt for a streamlined Pay As You Go plan or engage with Pocket Network’s team for a custom Enterprise plan.

Ability to mint unlimited endpoints

With the PAYG model, developers pay only for the data relays that their dApps actually use each month, rather than paying a bulk amount up front for relay traffic that they may not end up using. The new PAYG plan also allows developers to mint unlimited endpoints for up to 2 dApps on each account.

Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Pocket Network, said:

Direct payment via Stripe integration

Getting set up with decentralized infrastructure access via the Pocket Portal is now much easier for Web3 developers, as payments beyond the free tier can be made directly through the Portal via a Stripe integration.

For relays beyond the Always Free tier (250,000 per day), developers pay a set price per relay, with invoices paid monthly. With this overhaul of its Pocket Portal gateway, Pocket Network is now offering a truly self-service access point to decentralized RPC infrastructure service.

Users can earn POKT rewards

Pocket Network has also announced an entirely new benefit of its upgraded Pocket Portal service, with developers able to earn $POKT rewards for utilizing the Portal, and to use those rewards for future service.

The new Pocket Portal PAYG plan now allows developers to receive $POKT after 24 months of paid service (whether consecutive or not), and to simply stake that $POKT for continued service after that point.

True ownership of dApp infrastructure

This innovative approach to Pocket’s service, which is unique in the Web3 infrastructure space, allows Web3 developers to move away from paying SaaS expenses into perpetuity, and brings the ability to truly “own” their dApps infrastructure without sunk costs.

With this move, Pocket Network has made a major shift towards turning RPC infrastructure into a Web3 asset, offering a brand-new approach.

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