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Survey: Hackers approach staff to assist in ransomware attacks

Cyberattackers have approached employees in 48% of organizations in North America to assist in ransomware attacks, according to a report by Pulse and Hitachi ID.

For the study, 100 IT and security executives were surveyed to understand recent changes made to cybersecurity infrastructures, their ability to handle cyberattacks and the role played by politics. The majority of the respondents (73%) were from organizations with more than 10,000 employees.

While the report did not go into details of how companies and employees are being approached, it highlighted that 48% of employees have been directly contacted to assist in the attacks, and 55% of the responding directors said they have been personally approached for the same.

Remote work has influenced the increase in people being approached by attackers, with 83% of the respondents saying the attempts have become more prominent since moving to work from home.

Employee education to avoid negligence, accidents

As a result of the increase in attempts to gain inside access, 69% of the respondents have started educating employees on cybersecurity in the last 12 months, and 20% promised to do it in the next 12 months. Of the executives that concluded employee training on cybersecurity, 89% focused on phishing attacks, 95% on creating secure passwords and 95% on keeping those passwords safe.

“Cybersecurity education, while critical, isn’t going to impact the disgruntled and newly incentivized employees from taking part in a ransomware scheme,” said Liz Miller, analyst at Constellation Research. “However, education can help best identify those most vulnerable to either human error or those most likely to seek out a fast pay day.”

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