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Ketto.org testing waters for Web3 native healthcare ecosystem

by ethhack

Ketto.org will be offering a $2,500 grant to create a detailed and actionable plan for token development.

Ketto.org is exploring a web 3 native healthcare ecosystem. The company is crowdsourcing ideas to create a detailed workable plan for token development.

The plan should cover the technical aspects of creating the utility as mentioned in this token research report produced by SuperteamDAO .The final plan should have below information:

  • Outline the system architecture
  • Identify the technology stack
  • Define token properties
  • Design of the smart contract
  • Detail how various elements of token functionality will work on a technical level
  • Integration with Ketto’s existing systems
  • Managing emissions and tokenomics
  • Provide an estimate for time and resources needed to complete the development

To win this grant, participants are requested to write a short 1–3-page overview of your general approach. On the basis of that 1 pager, Ketto will identify and provide the full $2,500 grant for you to create a detailed and actionable plan.

Additionally, the developer does not need to actually develop the token as a part of this engagement. Rather, he/she needs to create an actionable plan to guide the actual token development. The developer will have access to the Ketto technical team to support them as they execute the plan.

Commenting on the innovation, Varun Sheth Co-founder and CEO Ketto.org said, “Our vision is to create a self-perpetuating healthcare ecosystem which incentivizes good healthcare behavior, helps individuals finance medical expenses, and rewards healthcare providers for delivering patient outcomes, powered by a Ketto token. Transitioning to a Web3 model offers the possibility of more aligned incentives, more engaged users, and ultimately more healthy people across the country.”

Ketto.org enables people to raise funds for health and medical emergencies, natural calamities, education, travel, short-term emergency needs, sports, competitions, arts, animal welfare, women empowerment, and many more. Ketto’s primary objective is to use technology to optimize efficiency, reduce redundancy, and increase impact targeting the social sector of the country. The company is closely working with hospitals, NGOs, and individuals to bring positive change to the community. Currently, Ketto campaigns are raising over Rs. 300 crores per year for various causes.

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