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The Web3 Startup Kleoverse Aims to Replace CVs With NFTs, Raises $1.2M

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  • The Web3 startup Kleoverse has raised $1.2 million in its mission to replace CVs for Web3 jobs.
  • Talent can use NFTs to secure roles at Web3 projects and decentralized autonomous organizations. 
  • It comes as a talent war is brewing between traditional tech firms and Web3 companies.

A startup aiming to upend CVs and help workers find jobs in the Web3 market has raised $1.2 million in fresh funds as a talent war brews between incumbent tech companies and startups aiming to create a decentralized future online.

Kleoverse, which was founded in Finland, wants to make the sector based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies much easier to access by doing away with CVs.

Web3 has split the tech sector, with top VCs touting its merits while high-profile founders like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey have criticized it as an exercise in marketing. 

Kleoverse’s goal is to help freelancers and other talent create a professional identity using a nonfungible token – a string of data that is stored on digital ledgers like blockchains. Professionals then use these NFTs to create a so-called “proof of talent” that highlights relevant work they have completed.

Specifically, the NFTs showcase work that engineers and other professionals have done with decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs — internet-native businesses that proponents say offer community ownership and freedom to work on one’s own terms. 

Aleksi Löytynoja, the cofounder and CEO of Kleoverse, believes a key problem of the job market is that “people are treated unequally,” as their current “status measures the past” and not their future potential. Kleoverse sees CVs as not giving a realistic image of a candidate’s abilities.

“We want to change that by sharing step-by-step guides on how to join any DAO of choice and by building new means for showcasing proof of talent based on your completed work on the web,” Löytynoja said.

The investment comes as growing numbers of workers are leaving traditional tech firms to join Web3 companies

Kleoverse uses its platform to host over 100 DAOs and other projects to make them more visible to people seeking opportunities to work with them. According to the startup, it has over 1,000 users signed up.

The investment round was led by a mix of investors including byFounders, Sfermion, and several angel investors such as the crypto entrepreneur Ville Vesterinen and the blockchain agency Equilibrium. The capital is set to be used to fund research and development and scale operations further, according to Kleoverse.

Check out the pitch deck the startup used to raise the funds.

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