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How Investing In Your Health Can Fill Your Pockets – Web3 And A Couple Creative Apps Have Your Answer

by ethhack

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A Web3 Running app that rewards you with crypto for your activity.  It may sound like a novelty, but it’s actually pretty genius.  Quickly gaining in popularity, apps like STEPN, and crypto like Sweatcoin have found a way to monetize your health.

There are definitely differences between the two, as they are at different stages of development; however, both operate on the same basic premise.  Earn currency native to the app by walking and/or exercising.  You then have the opportunity to sell or trade your currency.  If you’d like to trade your STEPN or SWEAT for ETH, you absolutely can!  Or, if you believe in the brand and this type of real-world/NFT integration, you can hold on to the coins in the hope they’ll rise in value as it gains popularity.

STEPN is currently trading at about $1.35 USD per coin.  Its peak in the past 30 days was $4.11 and has a current market cap of around 812,537,000.

SWEAT currently trades at about $0.05 USD.  Sweatcoin reported that 2022’s Q1 saw users exchange their sweatcoins for $70M worth of goods and services.

Investing in your health is always an excellent idea, with a myriad of benefits.  With NFTs and some Web3 creativity, we can add income generation to that list of benefits.  

To get started with STEPN, you’ll need to attain access to an activation code, which has been difficult for some.  Once access is granted, however, users have seen as much as $48 earned for 1.85km of activity.

You can get started with SWEAT by downloading the free app, found in all major app stores. Sweat has over 600 partners who help give sweatcoins their value.  These partners are brands looking to connect with health-conscious audiences, insurers looking to encourage healthier lifestyles, and governments looking to reduce healthcare costs.  It seems to be working, as SWEAT continues to grow, and their 64 million users have seen their activity rise by 20% on average.

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