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Web3 has a diversity problem: Enter non-binary avatars

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The experience does not currently enable purchasing of either digital or physical makeup products, but Nyx’s Dastmalchi says that this will certainly be an element of metaverse spaces in the future. “I don’t have a question. It is still messy, and whether they are the same or different products [to the physical world] is yet to be determined.”

The Sandbox currently has three million users registered with a wallet and more than 21,000 unique landowners, which includes Adidas and Gucci, says The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget. While neither have opened their spaces, purchasing of digital NFT-based assets is possible through The Sandbox, similar to Decentraland, where brands including Lottie London and Estée Lauder have held virtual events that rewarded visitors with POAPs. In the case of Estée Lauder, claiming a POAP also gave the visitor a wearable accessory.

Half of The Sandbox’s audience is US-based while Korea, Japan and China also have considerable representation, Borget says. “We have been pushing to make the metaverse a place that is more diverse and inclusive; this is an opportunity to make things right,” Borget says, adding that the company “has the intention but not necessarily the culture to claim being more diverse and inclusive,” so it was important to bring in partners such as Hamid and Berry.

To claim a Nyx NFT, people can sign up on the People of Crypto website to get on a “welcome list” starting 9 June. They can then purchase an NFT starting on 16 June for a yet-to-be-determined amount that is less than $100. The reveal will happen on 19 June via NFT marketplace Opensea, then people can use these avatars in The Sandbox by connecting their crypto wallets. They are also able to customise details such as gender identity and sexuality, which will be indicated in the space via a bracelet. Some partners will be gifting avatars to people to enable that many people have access, says POC’s Berry. Ten per cent of all proceeds will go to the Los Angeles LBGT Center.

For The Sandbox’s upcoming July season, Borget expects as many as 80 experiences, compared to 25 this March. There are also plans underway to give popular PFP collections, such as World of Women and Bored Apes, three-dimensional avatar bodies that can move about the space, offering a key opportunity for fashion and beauty brands to dress them.

To measure success, Dastmalchi, of Nyx, will turn to its community for guidance on what’s working and will look at metrics such as engagement, although she adds that bringing more diversity to the space will already be considered a success. “It’s not your traditional KPIs,” she says.

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