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1000 Top Web3 & Finance Leaders Collab in Exclusive NFT Collection and Network to Earn platform

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1000 most influential individuals in web3, fintech and finance, Solana, and large nonprofits are coming together to unveil Pantheon: a curated collaboration platform giving exclusive access to the most powerful minds through events, panels, chats, and network to earn opportunities. Pantheon is driven by token economy while funding youth education across the globe to build the bridge to web3.

Web3 is being compared to the early stages of the internet, the wild west and bursting with massive opportunity. While many mainstream brands have begun to embrace the space, many more individuals and organizations need to be brought into the fold to make web3 adoption more sustainable and long term. The bridge to web3 needs to be created through the collaboration of web2 and web3 worlds, which is the emphasis of this project.

The Pantheon community will include the top 1000 finance-fintech-web3 professionals (500 goddesses and 500 gods), up to 1000 NFT art holders, and Pantheon Pass holders to drive community-based evolution in finance and related fields.

“In a world of web3 projects that are often shrouded in mystery, I wanted to create a community project with a foundation of trust, transparency, and co-creation, helping to usher in the next million individuals into Web3, with a special focus on inclusiveness”, says Lindsay Rosenthal, Pantheon founder.

Launching June 16, 2022, the Pantheon genesis NFT collection, is inspired by Greek and Roman civilizations that have inspired the world for centuries. It will include NFT art featuring 100 goddesses and 100 gods.

Each Crypto Goddess and Crypto God NFT features a rare 1 of 1 portrait of the actual individual. The genesis collection will mint on Open Sea and Magic Eden. 

Through partnerships with Educate Girls Globally and Girl Up (a UN nonprofit), funds from both mint and royalties will fund girls education globally. The collection is also backed by the Solana Foundation and will live on Solana blockchain.

“This is the first network to earn platform that brings in the best of the web2 and web3 world, to create a secure, scalable and community driven experience,” says CTO, Bally Kehal. “We are working with the best of breed technologies for blockchain wallets, tokenization, hybrid events, incentives and recommendation engines to make the Pantheon platform par excellence.”

Learn more here:

Website: https://www.cgpantheon.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CGPantheon

Discord: https://discord.gg/KHT7q3Nc

Media Contact
Company Name: CG Pantheon
Contact Person: Lindsay Rosenthal
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.cgpantheon.com/

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