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Tezos India launches Web3.0-based technologies to empower art and culture communities

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Tezos India, a decentralised blockchain organisation has launched a new vertical Web3.0-based Tezos India arts and culture (TIAC) as a separate vertical for arts and culture-centric programs and initiatives, the company informed.

“The idea behind TIAC is to educate artists on all the possible options of expressing themselves digitally in this space, whether they are generative artists coding on FxhashThere are new types of technologies being created on Tezos on a regular basis, and with TIAC, we are enabling artists from India to be able to harness them,” Varun Desai, Head, Tezos India arts and culture said.

“NFTs have been one of the largest use-cases on Tezos so far with some of the biggest marketplaces in the entire crypto and Web3 ecosystem existing on it. With the roll-out of TIAC, we intend to harness the power of Tezos blockchain technology in India by providing a platform where aspiring artists can scale new heights, while being actively present as a distinct Arts and Culture entity,” Om Malviya, president, Tezos India, said.

TIAC also plans to conduct artist fellowship programmes with selected artists from the onboarding phase to help develop bigger projects within the ecosystem. Thereafter, selected artists from the fellowship programmes will be accelerated by the developer assistance programme where their projects will be developed by Tezos India for deployment on the Tezos blockchain, the company stated.

“There has been a rich history of artists starting off on Tezos and then becoming globally renowned. We see this as an opportunity for artists to mint NFTs with a very low economic barrier of entry and also with no major issues related to carbon footprint, as Tezos emits 2.5 g CO2 eq. per transaction which is significantly less than that of an email,” added Varun Desai. 

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