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Web3 Vacation Platform Dtravel Completes First Smart-contract Booking

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A Web3 vacation and short-term rental platform Dtravel has completed its first successful smart-contract booking.

A customer booked a $2,000 USDC stay at a property in London through a property owner who listed his home via the BNB chain-based company’s V2 of its pilot program.

The platform was announced in June 2021, and released in November 2021, by binance-backed travel booking site Travala.com.

Dtravel’s head of growth, Cynthia Huang, asserted that early customers had requested greater autonomy in the original marketplace the company had built.

Thus in the early months of 2022, the company listened to user feedback.

Huang said, “The huge value proposition that we have with this product specifically is that hosts truly own their own smart contract and they own the payment flow of that, too.” 

The site implements direct bookings between the user and the owner on the BNB chain. This eliminates all third-party platforms, resulting in a smart contract between the renter and the host.

The renter can pay the host in stablecoins such as USDC, USDT and BUSD. The company is working on the possibility of being multichain, as well as incorporating additional cryptocurrency payment options in the coming months, said Huang.

The company also has a DAO, and is working on strengthening its community. With its native token TRVL, homeowners and renters can vote on proposals such as building new marketing features or host tools for the platform.

Dtravel is looking to onboard new users as well. Dtravel is planning to incorporate more login options and wallet integrations for those joining the platform from Web2, and give TRVL tokens to guests to encourage governance participation to get acquainted with the DAO, said Huang.

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