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AOPG Launches Decentralyze.io, A News Portal Dedicated to Web3.0 and Blockchain Technology

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CYBERJAYA, Malaysia, Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG), the leading technology news publisher for Southeast Asia is officially announcing the launch of decentralyze.io, a news portal dedicated to Web3.0 and blockchain technology to keep readers up to date with the latest developments and concepts relating to “the next phase of the Internet,” from a global perspective.

Melina Hwang, the General Manager of AOPG
Melina Hwang, the General Manager of AOPG

Web3, or Web3.0, is a new, decentralised iteration of the World Wide Web which leverages blockchain technologies and token-based economics, resulting in potentially better scalability and data security as well as user privacy.

As exciting as the potential of the Web3.0 industry is, it is equally a new and growing space. Having one place where readers can go to make sure they’re commercially aware will be crucial in the fast-paced industry that is blockchain technology motivated. To put this in perspective, blockchain technology has gone from a concept to a $7.18 billion dollar industry in just over a decade and is not looking to slow down with estimations of a $67.4 billion dollar market size in 2026.

The portal’s main goal is to offer daily news reports and information on a variety of crucial aspects of decentralised technology that are pertinent to people, businesses, and the financial sector all over the world. In addition, decentralyze.io will run interviews and online webinars, conduct ongoing surveys and analyses and produce educational content and guides for anyone that views the site.

Decentralyze.io will aim to go one step further than just the surface of Blockchain technology by diving deeper into its various applications, such as but not subject to, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Investing, Metaverse and potentially even developing our own Web3.0 contribution.

Melina Hwang, General Manager at AOPG explained, “It is hard to go online without hearing about blockchain-related technology nowadays. We hope that you will soon trust this portal and find it to be one of your primary resources for learning, adjusting to, and comprehending Web3.0 and all of its numerous components. Furthermore, as we build a presence in the world of decentralised finance, we will look to utilise this to bring insight into different developments occurring in the space as well as build a wide range of relationships with such Web3.0 vendors to potentially benefit our readers. This space continues to excite us every day and we look forward to executing this through decentralyze.io.”

Decentralyze.io is set to go live on Monday, 26th of September 2022.

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