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Ripple’s New Partnership Will Bolster Web3 Development In Japan

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A new partnership with Ripple will aid in bolstering web3 development. “Web3 Design Lab,” a new service launched by btrax Inc., is intended to assist Japanese businesses in accelerating the development of their Web3 businesses for the international market.

Takahito Iguchi, a seasoned businessman and the CEO of Audio Metaverse, has been chosen as the service’s sole advisor.

To build Web3 Design Lab alongside the XRP Ledger (XRPL), btrax will collaborate with Ripple, the market leader in enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, in conjunction with the launch.

“For nearly 10 years, Ripple has been a robust technical partner to enterprises in search of crypto and blockchain solutions to help accelerate their business, while the XRPL has served as the best-in-class blockchain for settlement of tokenized assets at scale,” said Emi Yoshikawa, VP of Strategy and Operations.

Ripple has been a helping hand in Japan

Japan’s market has long been a stronghold for ripple. To enhance cross-border payments to the Philippines, it teamed up with SBI Remit, the biggest money transfer company in the nation, last year.

Before choosing to remain in San Francisco, XRP thought of moving its headquarters base to Japan. Despite the legal clampdown in the US, the company keeps expanding globally.

As a design partner and provider of design services utilizing XRPs blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, Web3 Design Lab supports the growth of Japanese businesses.

By encouraging a proper understanding of Web3, which is quickly gaining attention globally and is anticipated to grow further in the future, btrax hopes to help revitalize the global business of Japanese companies.

On August 18, Ripple and Travelex, a bank in Latin America, announced a new partnership to increase instant cross-border crypto payments in Brazil using its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service. Ripple has been a helping aid in cross-border payments.

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