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Robotos’ Founder Launches Humankind, The Next-gen IP Web3 Studio

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The founder of Robotos, Pablo Stanley, has launched Humankind, the next-generation IP Entertainment Web3 studio. The studio will be inspired by crowd-sourced storytelling. Alongside Stanley would be artist and tech creative producer, Marian Pedroza who will help the platform develop.

The platform will provide artists with basic income so they can have more artistic freedom to create work.

The studio has launched three core divisions, ‘Humankind Studios’, ‘The Humankind Foundation’ and ‘Blockchain, technology and decentralization’.

These divisions will focus on creating fine art and content, and help with providing a basic income to artists. The platform gives opportunities to people to contribute to their art and tell stories.

Through Humankind, Stanley will develop IP for the upcoming entertainment metaverse, from video games and animation to comic books, cinema, and streaming TV shows with a creative studio.

The Founders of the project, Pablo and Marian said “Humankind aims to bring warm, human, and empathetic images of the future. These visions come from our concerns about our future as species.”

The founders said that they believe the solutions to Humankind’s problems need working together. Hence, they must first imagine and discuss vital concerns, embracing community dreams and feedback.

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