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UAE Theatre Hosts Shows to Share Insight into Web3 and Blockchain Developments

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The Theatre of Digital Art (TODA), the UAE’s first digital art theatre, is to host a series of talks on developments within Web3 and blockchain.

Following a partnership with MENA-focused blockchain ecosystem Crypto Oasis, the theatre will launch ‘arte Talks’ – a bi-monthly event to spread Web3 awareness and encourage mainstream adoption.

Crypto Oasis wants arte Talks to become a global platform that will foster creativity, entrepreneurship and collaboration across borders, by shining a spotlight on prominent voices from the art and crypto communities.

It will feature artistic voices from the NFT and metaverse space, as well as address some of the ‘myths’ that surround Web3 and decentralised technologies.

Ralf Glabischnig, founder of Crypto Oasis, comments: “arte Talks will bring together like minded individuals and Web3 communities to create an environment that will enable individuals in the art and technology space. We expect this partnership to bring us one step closer to spreading Web3 and blockchain adoption and awareness.”

Launch event

A pilot talk was given by award-winning artist Amrita Sethi, known for being UAE’s first NFT artist. Her talk included topics such as human behaviour and their understanding of art and technology. This was followed by an arte Talk with Patrick Mortiz, or PRM, the creator of NFT project Dubai Peeps. PRM shared insight into the digital art space and how it can provide opportunities for both digital and traditional artists.

Daria Prodaevich, managing director of TODA said: “At TODA it is our mission to make complicated concepts easier for everyone. We strive to educate our community and increase awareness of the utilisation of Web3 space. arte Talks enables us to bridge the gap between the art sphere and the decentralized domain of blockchain- as well as the opportunities within it.”

The Theatre of Digital Art, the UAE’s first digital art theatre, is an exhibition space for digital art located at Souk Madinat in Jumeirah. It offers a 360 degrees immersive experience to its visitors.

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