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Xiroverse – Influencing Internet Culture, the Future of Web3 and the Metaverse.

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From pinging your crush on MSN Messenger, to poking them on Facebook, and quarantine workouts on Zoom, for the past three decades, the internet has made the world a smaller place. Gamers have gone from smashing buttons in arcades to smashing TVs with their Play Station controllers at home. Now imagine a world in which social media and gaming coexist together under a single digital ecosystem. Not only is Xiroverse building a platform that enables access to Web3 and the Metaverse in one step, the platform will also let you hangout with friends, earn rewards and play games all through a single app.

Mobile Gamers and Gaming Market Trends
By focusing on a seamless user journey, the Xiro App makes the Web3 onboarding and access as simple as downloading an app. Gone are the days of gas fees, creating a centralised exchange account, purchasing crypto, setting up a wallet, transferring funds, etc just to get started with Web3. With record-breaking momentum, Xiroverse has managed to attract 3,333 new community members per hour on an average during their waitlist campaign. That’s well over 100,000 on the waitlist for the Xiro App.

Xiroverse is taking their first step towards building a Metaverse that will allow people to interact with their friends and family in a whole new way, starting with Xiro Web3 gaming mobile app that is set to launch on the AppStore and PlayStore. The gaming market is anticipated to generate $203 billion in revenue and top 3 billion users this year, with mobile gaming alone accounting for 43% of all smartphone activity and having 2.2 billion active mobile gamers globally. Leveraging this trend, organisations like Xiroverse are paving the way for the masses to shift to the future of Web3 gaming, and the Metaverse, by enabling easy onboarding, social interaction, and multiple games offering great gameplay. The mobile app poises itself to be a one-stop-shop for all things gaming, all while giving users ownership over their digital identities.

The Dawn of the Next Big Technological Innovations
Big tech companies in the past like Google, Meta, and Microsoft locked up their backend technology and intellectual property, making it an exclusive group of tech giants with a closed ecosystem. Instead of fostering innovation through collaboration, they ensured only the major corporations could profit in today’s internet culture. As Meta shuts down their Facebook gaming app, new business models based on decentralised technology are quickly gaining traction. This switch from a closed technological ecosystem, to a more open, inclusive industry will keep users invested in how projects develop and bring more innovation to the space.
With the onset of Web3 and decentralised technology, Xiroverse allows gaming studios, creators, and gamers to leverage their existing technology to bring their ideas to fruition in tomorrow’s digital landscape. By onboarding gamers to Web3, Xiroverse offers a launchpad for people to let their imaginations run wild. With a built-in marketplace and wallet, gamers will be able to decide which games to test, buy, or even become early investors in. Existing games will be able to leverage Xiroverse’s backend technology to onboard their games to Web3 and the Metaverse. This will also give gaming studios and their users ownership over their gaming experiences, while enabling new revenue streams that have previously only been a privilege for major tech giants.
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