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Know your Edge Chromium security options

by ethhack

For those of you still using Windows 7, there’s a new browser on the block that you’ll need to start planning to deploy — and it’s not Edge. Well, it is an Edge browser, but not the Edge browser you are thinking of.

Microsoft is scrapping its Edge browser based on the Spartan engine in favor of an Edge browser based on Chromium. You can install this Edge browser on Windows 7 as well as all other platforms. The browser will be separate from the operating system and be able to be uninstalled and reinstalled. It will support IE legacy mode. Unlike the current implementation where IE legacy opens in a separate browser, in Edge Chromium IE is included directly in the browser similar to how Chrome’s IE tab extension works.

The new Edge browser provides privacy controls that restrict the ability of third parties to track user actions in browser sessions. Edge Chromium differentiates itself from the Chrome browser with corporate controls (Group Policy, Mobile Device Manager and Intune) and additional controls. Even in the beta process now, you can download a beta of the Group Policy ADMX from the Enterprise landing page to determine what controls are currently being tested.

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