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Prosegur Cybersecurity Firm Suffered Ryuk Ransomware Attack

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Some cybersecurity incidents sound like a paradox, such as this one. Reportedly, the cybersecurity firm Prosegur suffered a ransomware attack following which, the company shut down its network.

Prosegur Suffered Ransomware Attack

Reportedly, the Spanish cybersecurity firm Prosegur recently fell victim to a ransomware attack. The incident disrupted the company’s telecommunication platform causing its network to shut down.

The incident surfaced online after users noticed that the firm’s website went offline. Users complained about service disruptions. Prosegur confirmed the security incident via an official statement on Twitter.

Though the firm confirmed some security measures were taken, they eventually stopped all communications with users as a precaution.

Later on, in the following statement, they disclosed the cyberattack involving Ryuk ransomware.

Alongside limiting communications, the firm also started investigations into the matter. They have not revealed exactly when the attack begun. Nor have they shared other technical information.

Prosegur Contained The Attack, But Problems Persist

Prosegur reportedly noticed the ransomware attack on November 27, 2019. And, within a day, they succeeded in containing the attack, as revealed through the recent security update.

While the website of the firm went offline after the attack, it is now back online as we checked at the time of writing this article.

Apart from investigations and security measures, the firm also informed relevant authorities considering the growing incidents of RYUK ransomware attack in Spain.

Though, the attack now seems over, however, their services still experience problems as evident from users’ complaints. Some users also experience complete unavailability of customer support or company services.

The recent incident simply looks a continuation of the ongoing ransomware attacks. Recently, the IT systems of the Canadian Government of Nunavut also fell prey to a ransomware attack, allegedly by a new malware variant. Whereas, numerous reports indicating BitPaymer ransomware attack also surfaced online in the previous months.

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