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Cloudflare unveils email security tools, free WAF ruleset, and API gateway

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Cloudflare is bolstering its suite of web infrastructure and security offerings with a free WAF (web application firewall) managed ruleset service, a new API management gateway, and — once it closes its recently announced acquisition of Area 1 Security — a set of email tools designed to thwart phishing and malware attacks.

Cloudflare announced at the end of February that it would pay $162 million to acquire Area 1, which has developed a cloud-native security platform designed to use machine learning to detect and block phishing and malware attacks. The deal is expected to close at the beginning of the second quarter.

“Email continues to be one of the biggest security threats that organizations of all sizes face,” says Patrick Donahue, product vice president at Cloudflare. “By adding Area 1 Security’s email security to our Zero Trust suite to stop phishing, malware, and business email compromise, we are closing one of the biggest security risks our customers have.”

The new email security tools will be integrated with Cloudflare’s suite of zero trust solutions, and will be able to use email data to trigger additional security actions like automatically routing suspicious links through remote browser isolation or displaying phishing insights within the recently launched Cloudflare Security Center.  

The Cloudflare Security Center offers a single dashboard to manage IT assets, security risks, and vulnerabilities.  With the addition of Area 1 capabilities, Cloudflare says it aims to replace expensive and difficult-to-deploy legacy email security solutions.

 “Cloudflare and Area 1 will leverage each company’s extensive threat intelligence sources to enhance threat prevention efficacy,” says Patrick Sweeney, CEO of Area 1. “Area 1’s intelligence typically identifies phishing campaigns 24 days before launch, which is the earliest in the industry. With Cloudflare, we’ll extend this lead within cloud-native email security solutions.”  

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