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Splashtop teams with Acronis for remote security support

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Acronis and Splashtop announced a partnership Wednesday that promises to make troubleshooting security problems on endpoints easier. Under the deal, the pair will integrate Splashtop’s secure remote access software with Acronis’s Cyber Protect Cloud, a backup and cybersecurity platform. Through Splashtop, technicians can take control of computers and resolve issues without leaving the Acronis console.

The new arrangement should be especially attractive to managed services providers (MSPs), who use Acronis’s platform to allow their support staff to access clients’ devices for faster remediation of incidents and more efficient technical support. Splashtop can also be used to provide on-demand help desk support to any computer or mobile device, regardless of device type or operating system, as well as be enabled to allow users to access their work computers remotely.

What Splashtop offers Acronis users

By enabling Splashtop free-of-charge on Acronis, an MSP’s users can take advantage of features that include:

  • Quick onboarding, with users able to initiate immediate, one-click access to all workloads
  • Easy remote desktop access for managed devices so team members can participate in activities whether they are at the office, at home, or on the road
  • Access to Splashtop native features, such as file transfer, remote boot, share technician desktop, and chat

“No business is safe in the current cyber threat landscape, and they are looking to managed service providers who specialize in cyber protection services,” Acronis Vice President and General Manager for the Americas Pat Hurley said in a statement.

Splashtop’s remote-access security features

Remote-desktop programs are favorites of threat actors. Once compromised, they can give an attacker broad control over a targeted machine. Splashtop protects itself from hijacking by attackers with logon credentials, email verification, multi-factor authentication, and monitoring device activity for anomalous behavior.

Integrating Splashtop with Acronis was relatively easy, says the remote desktop software maker’s co-founder and senior vice president of product management Thomas Deng. “We’ve done a number of integrations with [remote management] partners and help-desk applications,” he notes. “We have a robust set of APIs that we expose to them.”

In its arrangement with Acronis, Splashtop is also placing agent software on the devices in the Cyber Protect Cloud environment. “The agent gives a technician greater control over the systems,” Deng says. “The user doesn’t have to be there to click on anything or accept a connection. MSPs usually want that agent installed because they want to do preventative maintenance during off-hours.”

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