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5 best practices for secure collaboration

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The landscape around collaboration and communication security has changed in recent years, spurred by the shift to remote work as companies scrambled to bring video and team collaboration tools online.

That rapid change in how teams communicate internally as well as with partners, suppliers, and customers introduced new security challenges, says Irwin Lazar, president and principal analyst at market research firm Metrigy.

At CSO’s recent InfoSec Summit, Lazar shared his research into what companies that are successfully implementing emerging collaboration technologies are doing to ensure that they are secure. What follows are edited excerpts of that presentation. For more insights, watch the full session video embedded here:

Where we are today

When we talk to folks about communication and collaboration security, they are still often focused on toll fraud. They are concerned about attacks on their phone systems, attacks that might allow people to register onto their phone systems and make calls, maybe even exfiltrate data—like call records and so on—and they are concerned about attacks that would cause calls to be routed across malicious carriers or malicious points that might be able to overcharge or gather money based on generating call volumes.

What we have seen is that has rapidly changed now over the last couple of years as calling is still obviously very important, but other collaboration technologies have entered the landscape and have become equally, if not arguably, more important. And the first one of those is video.

The challenges, when you think about securing video, obviously a lot of folks have heard about unauthorized people [discovering] a meeting and [joining] it with an eye toward potentially disrupting the meeting or toward snooping on the meeting and listening in. And that has, fortunately, been addressed by most of the vendors.

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