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One-third of enterprises don’t encrypt sensitive data in the cloud

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While most organizations list cloud security as one of their top IT priorities, they continue to ignore basic security hygiene when it comes to data in the cloud, according to Orca’s latest public cloud security report. The report revealed that 36% of organizations have unencrypted sensitive data such as company secrets and personally identifiable information in their cloud assets. 

The global pandemic accelerated the shift to cloud computing, as the sudden and massive move to remote work forced companies to provide employees with access to business systems from anywhere.

Gartner predicts that worldwide spending on public cloud computing services will rise 20.4% to a total of $494.7 billion this year and expects it to reach nearly $600 billion in 2023. 

In the rush to move IT resources to the cloud, organizations struggle to keep up with ever-expanding cloud attack surfaces and increasing multicloud complexity. The current shortage of skilled cybersecurity staff is further worsening the situation, the Orca report noted.

The risk in the cloud is not greater than in an on-premises environment. Rather, it is different, said Avi Shua, Orca Security’s CEO and co-founder. 

“In an on-premise environment, organizations have more control over their infrastructure,” Shua said. “However, this is not necessarily good. Cloud service providers often have far more dedicated resources to ensure the security of the infrastructure than many organizations do. Under the shared responsibility model, organizations are still responsible for the applications and services they run in the cloud, with similar risks to on-premise environments. What makes cloud security different is the cultural change—everything is going much faster than on-prem, and there are many more managed services, which pose different security threats versus an on-premise world.”

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