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Arpy – Mac OSX ARP Spoof (MiTM) Tool

by ethhack
Arpy - Mac OSX ARP Spoof (MiTM) Tool

Arpy is an easy-to-use ARP spoofing MiTM tool for Mac.

It provides 3 targeted functions:

  • Packet Sniffing
  • Visited Domains
  • Visited Domains with Gource


  • Python 2.7
  • Gource
  • Scapy
  • libdnet



Packet Sniff:

This is the packet sniffer, it allows you to see your target’s traffic.

DNS Sniff:

This function allows you to see domain names that your target is currently requesting.

DNS Sniff With Gource:

This function is more or less the same as the above, however it provides the functionality to pass it through Gource to get a live feed of what your target is viewing.

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