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GitMiner – Tool for Advanced Content Search on Github

by ethhack
filename:.npmrc _auth npm registry authentication data filename:.dockercfg auth docker registry authentication data extension:pem private private keys extension:ppk private puttygen private keys filename:id_rsa or filename:id_dsa private ssh keys extension:sql mysql dump mysql dump extension:sql mysql dump password mysql dump look for password; you can try varieties filename:credentials aws_access_key_id might return false negatives with dummy values filename:.s3cfg might return false negatives with dummy values filename:wp-config.php wordpress config files filename:.htpasswd htpasswd files filename:.env DB_USERNAME NOT homestead laravel .env (CI, various ruby based frameworks too) filename:.env MAIL_HOST=smtp.gmail.com gmail smtp configuration (try different smtp services too) filename:.git-credentials git credentials store, add NOT username for more valid results PT_TOKEN language:bash pivotaltracker tokens filename:.bashrc password search for passwords, etc. in .bashrc (try with .bash_profile too) filename:.bashrc mailchimp variation of above (try more variations) filename:.bash_profile aws aws access and secret keys rds.amazonaws.com password Amazon RDS possible credentials extension:json api.forecast.io try variations, find api keys/secrets extension:json mongolab.com mongolab credentials in json configs extension:yaml mongolab.com mongolab credentials in yaml configs (try with yml) jsforce extension:js conn.login possible salesforce credentials in nodejs projects SF_USERNAME salesforce possible salesforce credentials filename:.tugboat NOT _tugboat Digital Ocean tugboat config HEROKU_API_KEY language:shell Heroku api keys HEROKU_API_KEY language:json Heroku api keys in json files filename:.netrc password netrc that possibly holds sensitive credentials filename:_netrc password netrc that possibly holds sensitive credentials filename:hub oauth_token hub config that stores github tokens filename:robomongo.json mongodb credentials file used by robomongo filename:filezilla.xml Pass filezilla config file with possible user/pass to ftp filename:recentservers.xml Pass filezilla config file with possible user/pass to ftp filename:config.json auths docker registry authentication data filename:idea14.key IntelliJ Idea 14 key, try variations for other versions filename:config irc_pass possible IRC config filename:connections.xml possible db connections configuration, try variations to be specific filename:express.conf path:.openshift openshift config, only email and server thou filename:.pgpass PostgreSQL file which can contain passwords filename:proftpdpasswd Usernames and passwords of proftpd created by cpanel filename:ventrilo_srv.ini Ventrilo configuration [WFClient] Password= extension:ica WinFrame-Client infos needed by users to connect toCitrix Application Servers filename:server.cfg rcon password Counter Strike RCON Passwords JEKYLL_GITHUB_TOKEN Github tokens used for jekyll filename:.bash_history Bash history file filename:.cshrc RC file for csh shell filename:.history history file (often used by many tools) filename:.sh_history korn shell history filename:sshd_config OpenSSH server config filename:dhcpd.conf DHCP service config filename:prod.exs NOT prod.secret.exs Phoenix prod configuration file filename:prod.secret.exs Phoenix prod secret filename:configuration.php JConfig password Joomla configuration file filename:config.php dbpasswd PHP application database password (e.g., phpBB forum software) path:sites databases password Drupal website database credentials shodan_api_key language:python Shodan API keys (try other languages too) filename:shadow path:etc Contains encrypted passwords and account information of new unix systems filename:passwd path:etc Contains user account information including encrypted passwords of traditional unix systems extension:avastlic “support.avast.com” Contains license keys for Avast! Antivirus filename:dbeaver-data-sources.xml DBeaver config containing MySQL Credentials filename:.esmtprc password esmtp configuration extension:json googleusercontent client_secret OAuth credentials for accessing Google APIs HOMEBREW_GITHUB_API_TOKEN language:shell Github token usually set by homebrew users xoxp OR xoxb Slack bot and private tokens .mlab.com password MLAB Hosted MongoDB Credentials filename:logins.json Firefox saved password collection (key3.db usually in same repo) filename:CCCam.cfg CCCam Server config file msg nickserv identify filename:config Possible IRC login passwords filename:settings.py SECRET_KEY Django secret keys (usually allows for session hijacking, RCE, etc) filename:secrets.yml password Usernames/passwords, Rails applications filename:master.key path:config Rails master key (used for decrypting credentials.yml.enc for Rails 5.2+) filename:deployment-config.json Created by sftp-deployment for Atom, contains server details and credentials filename:.ftpconfig Created by remote-ssh for Atom, contains SFTP/SSH server details and credentials filename:.remote-sync.json Created by remote-sync for Atom, contains FTP and/or SCP/SFTP/SSH server details and credentials filename:sftp.json path:.vscode Created by vscode-sftp for VSCode, contains SFTP/SSH server details and credentails filename:sftp-config.json Created by SFTP for Sublime Text, contains FTP/FTPS or SFTP/SSH server details and credentials filename:WebServers.xml Created by Jetbrains IDEs, contains webserver credentials with encoded passwords (not encrypted!) ******************************************************* ***************************************************************

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