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TOR Router- To Use As Clear Proxy And Ship Site visitors Underneath TOR

by ethhack

TOR Router- A instrument that assist you to make TOR your default gateway and ship all web connections underneath TOR (as clear proxy) for improve privateness/anonymity with out additional pointless code.

Tor Router assist you to use TOR as a clear proxy and ship all of your visitors underneath TOR INCLUDING DNS REQUESTS, the one that you just want is: a system utilizing systemd (if you wish to use the service) and tor.

TOR router does not contact system information as the remainder of instruments for routing your taffic does and the reason being: there is not wanted to maneuver information for routing visitors, additionally transferring information is a foul concept since {that a} fail within the script/instrument can break your system connection with out you figuring out what has occurred.

Script to put in on distros utilizing SystemD solely

If you’re utilizing BlackArch Linux (https://blackarch.org) you may set up the script from the repos utilizing the next command:

# pacman -S tor-router

To put in from supply:

Notice that you just want BASH, not sh

~$ git clone https://gitub.com/edu4rdshl/tor-router.git && cd ./tor-router && sudo bash set up.sh


In distros utilizing systemd, it is best to consideer utilizing the set up.sh script, anyhow the method to put in/configure tor-router is described right here.

It script require root privileges

1. Open a terminal and clone the script utilizing the next command:
~$ git clone https://gitub.com/edu4rdshl/tor-router.git && cd tor-router/information

2. Put the next traces on the finish of /and so on/tor/torrc
# Seting up TOR clear proxy for tor-router
AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
TransPort 9040
DNSPort 5353

3. Restart the tor service
4. Execute the tor-router script as root
# sudo ./tor-router

5. Now all of your visitors is underneath TOR, you may test that within the following pages: https://test.torproject.org and for DNS assessments: https://dnsleaktest.com

6. With the intention to automate the method of the script, it is best to add it to the SYSTEM autostart scripts in accordance that the init that you’re utilizing, for systemd now we have a .service file within the information folder.


Delete the tor-router configuration traces in /and so on/tor/torrc, disable the tor-router.service utilizing systemctl (if you happen to used the set up.sh script), take away /usr/bin/tor-router, /and so on/systemd/system/tor-router.service and restart your laptop.

Proof of idea

After of run the script, comply with the subsequent steps to make sure that all is working as anticipated:

IP hidden and TOR community configured: 
Go to https://check.torproject.org, it is best to see a message prefer it:

Checking DNS Leaks: 

Distros utilizing the script

BlackArch Linux: https://github.com/BlackArch/blackarch/blob/master/packages/tor-router

Obtain TOR Router

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